Todd Sanchez Two


Todd just lost 36 lbs in seven weeks.

At about the age of 24 I had just returned from a deployment to Iraq. I got married, had a child and started to rapidly gain weight. The slow down in my life took my weight from about 170lbs to 215lbs in the matter of a year or two. To try to get rid of the weight I went through exercise programs, yet typically suffered some sort of knee or other joint injury partially into the program. As I gained weight I also started to have problems sleeping. Snoring and consistently feeling tired when I woke up in the morning. I also suffered from terrible indigestion that led me to drink milk or take over the counter indigestion medicine multiple times a day. This past school year my weight peaked and I routinely felt tired throughout the day. Walking up a flight of stairs or engaging in any type of exercise completely drained my energy level relatively quickly. I am a teacher and at the end of the last school year I started to check my blood pressure. To my surprise my blood pressure had crept into stage one hypertension. I was confident that at my current pace I would start to face other health issues.

I met Ben with the Perfect Protein Diet at a district health event. I thought about this diet for several months and tried other forms of dieting such as the micro nutrient diet. These were not successful to me and made me feel miserable. At the start of the summer I decided I needed something that was a little more exciting and far more guided. When I initially started the Perfect Protein Diet program I weighed around 213 lbs. After seven weeks on the program my weight is now down to 177lbs. I met weekly with a well-informed person who not only provided me with the foods necessary but also the support needed to succeed. I could freely ask questions or stop by if I felt I needed additional support. It was truly motivating to have these resources. Some of the benefits of the program are that my snoring has stopped, my indigestion is gone and I am able to run and exercise without joint pain. My blood pressure has also returned to normal.

The most exciting part about this journey for me is that my attitude has completely changed. I am truly a much happier person. I learned a lot about what I used to eat and what kinds of problems it was creating. I also learned the types of changes that were necessary to turn my life around. I have personally recommended the program to many others and will continue to do so.

Very grateful, Todd Sanchez


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