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Blood Sugar Regulation & COVID
November 11, 2020 at 10:00 PM
by Simplistic Wellness
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Are you concerned about COVID & the Flu, the Twindemic as health authorities are calling it? These concerns are effecting many facets of everyone’s life and how we go about our everyday activities. What action can you take to combat this threat to you and your family? You can lock yourself in your house or you can support your immune system and allow it to function properly in protecting you from being critically effected by these viruses.

Studies show a vast majority of people that have required critical care from COVID infection had underlying conditions propelling the effects of COVID. One underlying condition that has shown to have a huge impact on the effects of COVID is elevated blood sugar levels. Multiple studies show that diabetes and elevated blood sugar levels cause excessive inflammation which presents itself in various inflammatory serum markers on blood panels. This causes an impaired immune response and further complications among COVID patients.

A large study in Wuhan, China found that there was a 3 times higher rate of diabetes among COVID patients who required ICU and ventilators, or who died. It also showed that nondiabetic COVID patients having elevated blood glucose that would be considered prediabetes was significantly associated with risk of death within 28 days of admission to a hospital.

These studies are showing that controlling blood sugar levels within the individual is important when trying to mitigate the severity of COVID. We have educated thousands of people through the years about the importance of having proper blood glucose levels in relationship to having optimal immune response towards pathogens and disease that invade our bodies.

The majority of people are walking around with elevated blood sugar and don’t realize that a lot of their health issues and negative symptoms are related to their elevated blood glucose. The Protein Pantry diet system and products focus on regulating blood sugar and insulin properly. Regulating blood sugar properly requires minimizing carbohydrate intake and consuming certain fats. This is what the Protein Pantry diet system and products allow the individual to achieve and consequently support their immune system in responding properly to various pathogens & disease.

Most of us do not have the option of hiding in our houses instead give the body what it needs to protect and respond properly to environmental attacks. Let Protein Pantry help you live your life and be productive during this so called Twindemic. We have the system, products and individual guidance for achieving optimal immune response towards pathogens and disease. We have everything you need immediately accessible in our online store. We are also directly accessible for conversation with our chat feature on our website. Chat with us about any health related topic that concerns you. We have made health simple and accessible through our website.

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