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Metabolically Fit Is Imperative To Achieving Your Health Goals Today
August 26, 2020 at 4:30 PM
by Simplistic Wellness

Resolve to be metabolically fit and reach the health goals you have in mind today. So why do we connect being metabolically fit and reaching your goals. In essence, your digestive system controls your neurological health. The microbiome or bacteria balance in your digestive system controls a wide variety of bodily systems and massively affects your mood, your libido, your clarity of thoughts & your overall perceptions of the world.

Dr. David Perlmutter, Neurologist, is one of the influencers in our developing the Protein Pantry system. An author of numerous books exploring the relationship between the microbiome and the neurological system; Brain Maker & Grain Brain just to name a few. Dr. Perlmutter references a dysfunctional microbiome in the digestive system can be the root cause of your anxiety, concentration issues and negative outlook on life.

Because the neurons in our gut are countless, we are said to have a second brain in our gut. This second brain regulates hormones and produces over 80% of our feel good neurotransmitter, serotonin. It produces GABA which calms the nervous system after it has been excited by stress. It produces Glutamate which is involved in cognition, learning & memory. Basically your gut or digestive system controls who you are, how you will react to various situations that present themselves and how you proceed ahead in life.

What’s great about these physiological facts is that we have the ability to affect all of this by what we eat or how we nutrition ourselves. Dr. Perlmutter cites the types of food that support the microbiome balance and the food that causes the imbalance in the microbiome. To summarize, the biggest killer to the microbiome and brain health is a high carbohydrate, low fat diet. Permutter states that blood sugar balanced keeps your gut bacteria balanced. He also references a great deal of research showing that people with low cholesterol are at a much higher risk for neurological disorders, including depression and dementia. He talks about fats from butter, proteins, coconut oil & olive oil being great for the health of the gut and microbiome. Fermented foods like sauerkraut and pickles along with low glycemic vegetables high in fiber are great for microbiome. Coffee, tea and dark chocolate with only a small amount of sugar have great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties essential for microbiome health. Basically a ketogenic approach to diet is supported with attention to fiber and micronutrition consumption.

The Protein Pantry system is developed to balance the gut and the microbiome. There is a purpose behind everything we have our dieters consume. We keep our dieters at no more than 40 grams of carbohydrates to balance blood sugar and help clear inflammation. On our system our dieters consume the Protein Pantry probiotic and complete nutrition supplements, certain low glycemic vegetables that are high in fiber along with certain fermented vegetables to feed bacteria we want growing and thriving that helps balance the microbiome. We have our dieters consume fatty proteins, butter and our Protein Pantry caprylic acid supplement which are all fats that help destroy the bacteria we don’t want and are anti-inflammatory helping balance the gut. Let’s not forget the many tasty flavors of Protein Pantry bars that have dark chocolate coating them and the fact that we allow coffee and tea to be consumed on our system, all of which provide great anti-oxidant properties supporting the health of the microbiome.

Now you understand the source causing you to feel like you don’t have the correct motivation to take the necessary steps in order to reach the goals you have in mind. We hope after reading this you realize and feel empowered that you do have more control over your mental health and physical health than you understood before and you can do things to help yourself stay on the proper course towards reaching those goals you have in mind.

Let Protein Pantry help you. Activation Energy, jump people and start our system today to make your goals happen now.

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