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What is a Turnkey Diet System and Does it Affect your Immune System?
January 5, 2021 at 8:00 AM
simplistic wellness turnkey diet system

Many people determine their New Year’s resolutions without knowing how to accomplish them.

They want to feel better and more healthy but aren’t sure what next steps to take.

Turnkey diet systems are often a great solution, but does this affect your immune system in a positive way?

To review, a turnkey diet system is a simplified diet plan that provides tasty and nutritious foods to those with a hectic lifestyle. Some people who are at higher risk of severe Covid symptoms use turnkey diet systems to eliminate the exposure from grocery stores. Either way, it’s a fast and easy way for you to have high-quality food delivered right to your door.

While many companies provide a simple solution for meal planning, they don’t always keep nutrition and wellness in mind. For example, they may trade out taste for health by increasing sodium, sugar, or fat content in their food. While the food they prepare may taste better, it may not be good for you. Foods that are high in fat, sodium, and sugar often lead to weight gain, which can negatively impact your immune system.

So how do you know what turnkey diet system is right for you? Here are a few things to consider when finding a food delivery subscription for your lifestyle.

Check the label.

Just the same as in the grocery store, it’s a good idea to check the labels of the food you would order. Companies often list nutrition information and ingredients list for the meals they ship out. So you can check to see if the content of your meal kit is right for your diet. We here at Protein Pantry make all our customers know exactly what’s in their food! Contact us to learn more.

Check portion control.

While the label provides a lot of great information about the content of your food, you also need to check the quantity of your meal. For example, if you open up a dish from your subscription meal plan, the label may indicate it feeds more than one person. Correct portion control can take some getting used to but ultimately prevents you from unintentionally overeating.

Make sure the company follows food safety standards.

Improper food preparation can lead to food poisoning. And those with high-risk immune systems are at greater risk of complications due to food poisoning. Check to find out if the meal subscription company provides any information about food safety standards and what they’re doing to keep their customers safe.

Ask your doctor for guidance.

Your doctor can provide you with a lot of information regarding your health through a bloodwork panel. They can find out about your lipid levels, blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. This vital information will ensure that you’re eating food that supports your health goals. For example, if you have higher cholesterol, you’ll want to watch your sugar and fat intake. So be sure to find a turnkey meal system that supports those health goals.

No matter what meal system you decide to use, we hope you’ll take the time to investigate your options. Protein Pantry is committed to providing great meals that support your immune system and help your body thrive. We have several options available for every lifestyle!

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